Handling paper or earning money?

Conrab Opto is the smartest and most flexible system on the market for handling document workflows and case management. Our mission is to automate your processes to gain higher profitability.

Supplier invoice handling

Conrab Opto automates your entire management of supplier invoices including scanning and automatic recognition, automatic coding, automatic matching, automatic approval and automatic archiving. The result is massive time savings. We have several customers who managed to save in excess of 80% of their handling times for all of their invoices.

  • Connected to more than 30 different enterprise systems.
  • Automation is the key word.

Contract management

With Conrab Opto you get an overall picture and professional management of all company contracts. Administration time is significantly reduced and the increased control means that you avoid double contract agreements and are able to control purchasing procedures. Conrab Opto handles all types of contract agreements. The ability to send out referrals and authorization are of course basic functions as are automatic reminders.

  • Monitoring to avoid automatic extensions.
  • All interested parties are automatically notified in the event of contractual changes.


Conrab Opto provides an efficient method to handle your complaints and claims. It can be on behalf of the customer, the supplier, internal complaints or any complaint whatsoever. Receive claims by telephone, by email or via your website. Conrab Opto collects them and makes sure they are sent to the appropriate person or group. There is functionality for reminders, escalations, certification and integration to business systems.

  • Good claims systems mean better customer care.
  • Reports and statistics.

Imagination is the only limit.

Conrab Opto is basically a document and case management system. Together with you we analyze the cases and documents that you currently handle manually. The goal is to create these flows within Conrab Opto instead. Every company is unique and you have your own unique flows. We have helped our customers with many different features with many of them believing that only your imagination is the limit in Conrab Opto

Our mission is to realize our mottos of Automation, Elimination and Streamlining.
We help you achieve the best Conrab Opto automation so that as little manual intervention as possible needs to be made.
We help you eliminate unnecessary paper now that you have a case management system.
We continually work with you to streamline as and when your operations and reality change.

Our customers say that it is "your imagination that is the limit". Conrab Opto is the answer regardless of the type of document or type of case to be handled. We have helped clients set up the most unusual routines and procedures to solve very specific problems. Routines that are not found in other document and case management systems currently on the market. This is the strength of Conrab Opto and therefore we understand what our customers mean by "imagination is the limit".

In independent market research, Conrab Opto has, since 2004 when the survey began, remained at the very top. 96% of our customers recommend us to others and 98% see us as a long-term partner. In addition to this, we enjoy top ranking when it comes to savings thanks to our system. A third of our clients believe that they have cut their costs by 40% or more compared to other competing systems where only just over 10% believe that they have made such savings.

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