One of Conrab Opto strengths is the close relationship we have with our customers. Each autumn around 150 people get together at the Optomisterna conference. This started back in 2000 as a forum to:

- Get to know other customers and how they use Conrab Opto in their daily activities.
- Get training regarding the various Conrab Opto functions.
- Forum to discuss the system and provide feedback to Conrab Opto. This gives us a basis for prioritizing our future development.



The next Optomist conference will be held on the 18th to 19th October 2022 at Säröhus Hotel, Conference & SPA.

Comments and requests.

Conrab Opto is continuously upgraded with new functions and features.

These features and functions are generally the wishes and smart solutions obtained from our customers.

If you want to provide us with tips, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager sales persons, your project leader, your trainer or by sending a message directly to customer support.