Manage supplier invoices

Our goal is to automate all of your handling of supplier invoices:

- We help you to get started with electronic invoices. We can handle most formats including svefakt, Finvoice, B2B, Edifact and others.
- Scanning of invoices can be outsourced and we have the right contacts.
- Paper and PDF interpreted with self-learning interpreter engines. Both the main information and rows of articles and fees can be interpreted.
- Translations performed during import to Conrab Opto. An interpreted telephone number is translated to both the right person and the accounting.

- Registration is completely automatic. You only have to manage exceptions.
- All information is validated against your information within business and finance systems.
- No maintenance in Conrab Opto. You maintain wherever you always maintain in finance system (suppliers, currencies, fees and rates, accounts, tolerance rules, etc.)

- Via the favorites in Conrab Opto coding is fully automatic.
- The accounting ensures that it complies with established regulations in the financial system.
- Through rules, invoices containing certain accounting can be sent out for additional approval, such as representation.
- Regulatory approval takes place automatically, based on the amount, the individual and how often the invoice arrives.
- Link to the underlying contracts, purchase and complaints.

- Conrab Opto compares the invoice with the original purchase and shows what is wrong when tolerance checks are exceeded.
- At the supplier level, you select whether you want to use total matching or 3-way matching at line level.
- Invoices that match according to established regulations flow through the system fully automatically.

- The Finance department is working in a supervisory role where all discrepancies are handled
- Ability to add invoices in the investigation or send invoice claims to the supplier
- Automatic reminders to the users
- Automatic escalation if necessary
- Automatic reports to users

In most cases it takes seconds for an invoice to be received and managed in Conrab Opto without any human intervention at all.
All rules and controls according to your setup have thus been confirmed.

The investment pays for itself quickly, often the system payback period is less than six months.

  • Handles invoices in any format.
  • Automatic interpretation at main level and line level
  • Automatic matching at main level and line level
  • Automatic registration, coding and aproval
  • Advanced capabilities for flow management
  • Automatic reminders and escalations
  • Reports and statistics
  • Credit monitoring
  • System messages
  • Supplier ratings, Supplier cards 

Manage contracts

With Conrab Opto you get an overall picture and professional management of all company contracts.

- Agreements to be scanned, imported by email or imported from your computer
- Interpretation of all the content can be performed
- Registration takes place according to your terms and conditions and mandatory fields
- Possibility to verify the information against your business system (such as supplier number)

- Contracts stored in Conrab Opto.
- Depending on authorization, certain contracts/attachments can be archived with extra security. (for example bonus contracts)

- Due dates and reminders assigned to contracts
- Automatic reminders are sent out to the users upon the set dates
- If nothing is done, escalation takes place so that no contract is renewed automatically

- Permissions set at the user level or group level
- The permissions can be set automatically based on what has been registered
- If a person leaves it is easy to move the permissions to another person

- Send agreement as referral to the concerned party
- Different versions of the agreement saved and can be located

- Managers can monitor the agreements and see which are about to expire
- Reports can be generated and automatically sent to users

- Connections made to other functions. Using a supply agreement, you can see the invoices and any claims

With contract management in Conrab Opto you get control. No automatic extensions, no double contracts, no missing agreements.
With Conrab Opto and contract management, you manage all your contracts, supplier contracts, customer contracts, partnership agreements, staff contracts and what type of agreement you have.

  • Automatic reminders
  • Collect all agreements in a searchable archive.
  • Free text search.
  • Connect any other document to the contract agreement, such as supplier invoices
  • All interested parties are automatically notified about changes to the contract agreement
  • Access control
  • Manages confidential or secret sub-contracts
  • Reports and statistics

Manage claims

Conrab Opto provides an effective method of dealing with claims and complaints. You decide what constitutes a complaint or a case. This may be complaints received from customers or it may be complaints you make regarding a supplier or this can be internal or external customer support, quite simply the type of case that you require.

- The complaint can be entered manually if someone calls it in
- The complaint can be automatically registered via an email
- The complaint can be automatically registered via the website
- Validation of information can be made using the business system, such as customer registers, a product directory or something else within the business system
- After registration, you can choose whether a notification is to be sent to the individual who submitted the complaint

- The complaint can be stored in the archive and an endless number of attachments can be linked to the claim itself

- A created complaints can be sent to various people in the organization depending on what was registered
- An approval flow can be built automatically based on what has been registered
- It is possible to approve or reject a complaint or claim

- It is possible to monitor all current unmanaged claims
- Reports can be created for instance for complaints or claims based on the article group or other characteristic and automatically be sent to the relevant individual
- If a complaint has not been managed it can automatically be escalated
- Automatically link complaints and claims to other documents and cases in Conrab Opto, for example a contract agreement or an invoice

With Conrab Opto and complaint management you gain control over the company claims and complaints. It is simple to manage and easy to monitor. This simplicity makes management fast and a negative claim can be turned into a positive approach towards the customer which shows them that you have control.

  • Cheaper and simpler administration
  • Collect all case correspondence at one location
  • Automatic monitoring – no cases are missed or forgotten or take too much time
  • Archives
  • Reports and statistics – invaluable information for improvements
  • Link to customer contracts and customer invoices for maximum overview
  • Authorization control
  • System messages

Customer invoices

All invoices created in the company's invoicing system are automatically saved in Conrab Opto. This makes it easy to locate copies of the invoices and can also be linked with customer contract agreements and with claims and complaints if these types of documents are also managed within the system.

Credit invoices which are to be sent out can be collected and sent off for additional certification.

  • Save all invoices automatically
  • Link to other documents
  • Reports and statistics
  • Authorization control

Supplier relationship management (SRM)

Just like you can use a CRM system for monitoring and control of customers, you can use the SRM system for monitoring your suppliers.

Ability to send out new suppliers for certification before you can make purchases from them is of course possible in Conrab Opto. This allows you to keep down the number of suppliers and you are able to focus instead on obtaining better prices from them since you are buying in larger volumes.

Information you receive from suppliers can be added as attachments to the supplier card and be accessible to individuals with the appropriate authorization.

It is also possible to add supplier contact persons.

Then link the other features with the supplier card so you are able to locate purchase orders, contracts and supplier invoices that are related to this specific supplier.

Everything stored in the same location.

Scan your delivery notes

Goods are usually accompanied by a delivery note or slip which is used when unpacking the goods. Often the warehouse writes information on this note which may be interesting.

The delivery note is then archived in folders or in boxes.

With Conrab Opto you start by scanning the delivery note. All data on the delivery note is interpreted and any comments that need to be added are entered directly into Conrab Opto instead.

The buyers have the ability to add on monitoring alerts for example in the case of an order number or an article or product number.

When the delivery note has been interpreted and Conrab Opto has located a value that is on the monitoring alert a message is automatically sent to the purchaser.

In this way the warehouse avoids having a lot of purchasers calling them with questions about any specific order or article that is on its way.

All delivery notes or slips are archived in Conrab Opto and can be linked with for example supplier contract agreements or similar documents.

Manage your purchase orders

When a purchase order is sent out to the supplier a copy is also sent to Conrab Opto.

The purchase order is stored in Conrab Opto and can be recreated if required. If you also import the order confirmation this is automatically linked to the actual purchase order.

When the invoice arrives marked with the purchase order number this is also linked to the purchase order.

The entire business flow regarding documentation is linked together in Conrab Opto.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

It is always fun getting a new customer but there is a lot of work involved before the customer has been created and been approved and this work continues with keeping the customer.
Conrab Opto has systems for managing all of this work.

- A new customer can be registered or transferred from the business system
- Before the customer becomes active and is able order they must be sent for approval since they need to be checked regarding their creditworthiness
- Contact persons should be registered and various interest codes need to be set
- Contact persons are to be tagged so they receive the correct information from you
- The right individuals shall receive the right information about the customer, in other words authorization or access control

- In Conrab Opto you set up your sales activities together with reminders
- In Conrab Opto you can take a newsletter and make automatic mailings to contact persons who are coded with special interest codes
- Customer creditworthiness can be updated automatically and warning flows can be created automatically if this rating decreases

- Quotes, important emails and comments are stored on the customer card
- It is possible to enter comments and annotations on the customer card

- The customer cards contain all the information regarding the customer right down to the contact person level
- By storing customer invoices in Conrab Opto they are also visible on the customer card
- By managing claims and complaints in Conrab Opto these are also visible on the customer card
- Other customer-related functionality managed by Conrab Opto is also visible on the customer card

- It is possible to create reports and send them automatically to sales staff or sales managers

- Managers have the ability to monitor how active customers are and to make sure that they are serviced regularly

Conrab Opto basically contains a contact card which is expanded as and when needed. You may want to link the customer invoice with the contact card.
You perhaps want to add sales activities with monitoring meaning that you can follow-up your sales staff
Your company has perhaps some special property that makes you unique but in most cases this is not a problem for Conrab Opto

Human resources (HR)

It is possible to manage employee information in Conrab Opto. Those documents that normally sit in a file in archives are scanned into Conrab Opto instead.

These can be:
- Employment contract
- Certificates
- Negotiations
- Wellness benefit payments
- Loads of others

All documents can be authorization controlled and the employee has the ability to see what is stored by the company.
Certain documents are governed by other authorization levels and these are accessed only by authorized individuals.
It is possible to send certain documents out for approval, which means that you receive a logging in Conrab Opto informing that both the company and employee agree on the content of a certain document.

Imagination is the limit

Our customers say that your "imagination is the limit". Conrab Opto is the answer regardless of the type of document or case to be managed. We have helped clients configure the most unusual routines and procedures to solve very specific problems. These are routines that are not found in other document and case management systems currently on the market. This is one of the strengths of Conrab Opto and therefore we understand exactly what our customers mean when they say "imagination is the limit".

Below you can see some other examples of features that our customers have chosen to configure in Conrab Opto:

  • Equipment lists
  • Picking lists
  • Company database
  • Accounts journals
  • AWB/HWB slips
  • Investment measures
  • Image database
  • Earnings reports
  • Customer support cases
  • Agile project tool
  • Holiday lists
  • License code database
  • Installation documentation
  • User manuals
  • Drawings file
  • Certificate database
  • Board minutes
  • Annual reports
  • Environmental policy
  • Quality handbooks