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Handling contracts

Conrab Opto gives you a single view and professional management of all your company's contracts. We handle all types of contracts. The ability to send on referral and certification are of course basic functions, as are automatic reminders.

With our contract management, you're always in control. No automatic renewals, no duplicate contracts, no missing contracts. We offer professional management of all your contracts, such as supplier agreements, customer agreements, partner agreements, personnel agreements and more.

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  • Contracts are scanned, imported by e-mail or imported from your computer.
  • Interpretation of all content can take place.
  • Registration is done according to your conditions and required fields.
  • It is possible to verify information against your business system (e.g. supplier number).


  • Permissions are set at user or group level.
  • Permissions can be set automatically based on what has been registered.
  • If a person leaves, it is easy to transfer permissions to another person.


  • The contracts are archived in Conrab Opto.
  • Depending on permissions, some contracts/attachments may be archived with additional security (e.g. bonus contracts).


  • Due dates and reminders are added to contracts.
  • Automatic reminders are sent to users on set dates.
  • If nothing is done, escalation occurs so that a contract is not automatically renewed.


  • Referral agreements are sent to those concerned.
  • Permissions can be set automatically based on what has been registered.
  • Different versions of the agreement are stored and can be retrieved.


  • Managers can monitor agreements and see what is about to expire.
  • Reports can be created and automatically sent to users.

Link to other documents

  • Links are made to other functions.
  • From a supplier agreement, you can see the invoices and any complaints.

In a nutshell

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Automatic reminders
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Collect all contracts in a searchable archive
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Free text search
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Link other documents to the contract, such as the supplier invoice
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All those concerned are automatically notified in the event of changes to the contract
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Access control
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Manages secret subcontracts
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Reports and statistics

Want to know more? We'll be happy to tell you how we can optimise your document and case management.

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