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Modernizing the management of supplier invoices

Streamlining the management of supplier invoices is today a matter of course rather than a "nice to have" in order to maintain a company's efficiency. At Conrab Opto, we are at the forefront with our automated solution that transforms the traditional way of processing each supplier invoice. Digitalization and automation create a seamless, fast and secure invoice process. Navigating the flood of supplier invoices can be a challenge for many companies. With Conrab Opto's system, this challenge becomes an opportunity. Our electronic invoice management system handles all types of invoices and turns them into organized data, ready for further processing and analysis... Our supplier invoice solution means that every invoice becomes digitally traceable, providing complete visibility and control over company spending. This is an important part of building a transparent finance function.

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How automatic supplier invoice management works:













Manages all invoices

Our supplier invoice system can receive and process all types of invoices quickly and easily, eliminating manual work and reducing the risk of mistakes. This means that whether you receive invoices via e-invoice, EDI, email or traditional mail, everything can be handled in a unified flow.

Direct certification

Automatic processing of supplier invoices means, among other things, that the invoices reach the person who has to approve them directly. This means that payments can be made more quickly and without hassle.

Precise matching

We make sure that each supplier invoice matches the order and delivery within the tolerances you set. This ensures that we only pay for what we have actually ordered and received, preventing unnecessary expenses and improving your company's finances.

Smooth integration

Our supplier invoice system offers not only efficient processing but also easy integration with your existing financial system. Once the invoices are processed, the data is updated directly in your accounting system, providing a seamless transition from invoice scanning to financial reporting.

Keeping track of errors

Our system monitors your supplier invoices and alerts you if something is wrong, so you avoid delays and extra costs, protecting your business reputation and credit rating.

Nine benefits of the Conrab Opto module
for supplier invoices

Handles invoices in all formats

Automatic interpretation at header and line level

Automatic matching at header and row level

Automatic registration, account distribution and certification

Advanced flow control capabilities

Automatic reminders and escalations

Reports and statistics

Credit monitoring and system notifications

Supplier certificate, supplier cards

Frequently asked questions about

automated supplier invoice management

What does managing supplier invoices mean?

Supplier invoice management covers the process of receiving, managing, reviewing, and paying invoices that a company receives from its suppliers. It includes steps such as registration, coding, order matching, certification and final payment of the invoice.

How can digitizing supplier invoices improve efficiency?

By digitizing the supplier invoice process, companies can automate many of the time-consuming manual tasks. This includes faster entry of invoice data, automated matching to purchase orders, and more efficient approval processes, leading to faster payment and better supplier relationships.

What are the benefits of using an electronic invoice management system?

An electronic invoice management system improves accuracy, reduces the risk of errors, and saves time. It also helps keep better track of expenses, improves reporting and data analysis, and strengthens a company's relationship with its suppliers by ensuring consistent and timely payments.

Is electronic management of supplier invoices secure?

Yes, modern electronic supplier invoice management systems use advanced security measures to protect sensitive information. This includes data encryption and security protocols that protect against unauthorized access and data loss.

Can small businesses also benefit from electronic invoice management?

Absolutely, businesses of all sizes can benefit from electronic invoice management. For small businesses, it can be particularly beneficial as it reduces the administrative burden and allows them to focus more on their core business rather than time-consuming paperwork.

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Conrab Opto can be integrated with all known business systems.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV business system
Microsoft Dynamics AX can be integrated with Conrab Opto
Conrab Opto can be integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O business system.
SAP ERP system can be integrated with Conrab Opto
Conrab Opto can be integrated with Oracle NetSuite
Integrate with the Infor M3 business system
The Oracle business system
Xero can be integrated with Conrab Opto
SAP Business One ERP system
Conrab Opto can be integrated with the Intuit QuickBooks business system.
Integrate with JD Edwards Enterprise Software