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Automate the management of supplier invoices

Increase cost control and reduce processing time

With Conrab Opto, the supplier invoice's journey through the system is automated: Registration, coding and certification according to the certification regulations are completely without manual intervention. Then the digital monitoring continues through automatic matching - does the correct delivery arrive? Does the price match the order? If not, an automatic reminder is sent to the responsible employee. By digitizing all tasks, valuable data is also created.

With EFH, electronic invoice management, your company can save a huge amount of time and increase control over expenses. Conrab Opto is built together with your business system, which enables an incredibly smooth process for managing and posting supplier invoices. The automatic reminders also reduce the risk of late fees, which saves both money and improves the relationship with your suppliers.

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How automatic supplier invoice management works:













Invoice data is loaded - all formats can be handled

  • Conrab Opto interprets and collects all the necessary information on the invoice.
  • All electronic files can be handled (E-invoice, EDI, Peppol, Svefakt, Finvoice, Edifact, etc.) If an invoice image is needed as a PDF - it is created.
  • Scanned PDF or paper invoices are read by an intelligent AI interpreter at header and line level.
  • Need to scan invoices? We have the right contacts.

Automatic registration and distribution

  • Invoice data is collected and authorization is sent to the right person - all automatically.
  • The invoice is also automatically registered in the financial system.
  • Translations are made on import, for example, an interpreted telephone number is translated into both the correct person and account.

Matching of invoice data

  • Is the price right? The right items? The right quantity? Conrab Opto compares the invoice data against the placed order and deliveries, i.e. a 3-way match (3WM). Read more under frequently asked questions.
  • The invoice management matching process is fully automated. No discrepancies - the invoice flows through the system.
  • If the discrepancies are greater than the tolerance levels you have chosen, the invoice is sent to the employee you have designated.

Posting and certifying overhead invoices

  • Invoices are automatically posted and checked against set rules in the financial system.
  • The invoices are automatically sent to the right people for authorization, according to authorization rules, which are governed by the amount, person and values of the invoice in question.
  • The invoice can be linked to related contracts, purchases and budget requests.

Monitoring and management of deviations

  • The system automatically checks discrepancies such as non-delivery or price deviations outside tolerance levels.
  • Reminders and reports are automatically sent to users.
  • If necessary, escalation takes place automatically.
  • In case of discrepancies, it is possible to put invoices under investigation and send an invoice complaint.

Nine benefits of the Conrab Opto module
for supplier invoices

Handles invoices in all formats

Automatic interpretation at header and line level

Automatic matching at header and row level

Automatic registration, account distribution and certification

Advanced flow control capabilities

Automatic reminders and escalations

Reports and statistics

Credit monitoring and system notifications

Supplier certificate, supplier cards

Frequently asked questions about

automated supplier invoice management

What is automated supplier invoice management?

Automated supplier invoice management is also sometimes referred to as EFH or P2P. EFH means electronic invoice management and P2P automation stands for Purchase to Pay automation. These are different ways of describing the same thing, i.e. when the management of supplier invoices is digitized and automated by software.

Conrab Opto's module for supplier invoice management means that every step in the management of supplier invoices can be done automatically. Everything from registration, coding, matching and certification mailing is done automatically and deviations land with the relevant employee. The invoice is then monitored and it is checked that the delivery is made according to the order, so-called matching of the data. In case of deviations, reminders are sent out automatically.

How does matching work?

When an invoice is received, Conrab Opto reads the information on the invoice and compares it with the information on the placed order and deliveries, i.e. a 3-way match (3WM). Matching is normally done at line level (item lines) but can also be done at header level if it is more appropriate. How invoices are matched can be selected at both supplier level and based on order type.

The matching routine is automated and if nothing deviates from the tolerances you have set up, the invoice goes straight through the system automatically. The invoice is completed both in Conrab Opto and in your business system and the order is updated. Only if there are deviations that are greater than the tolerances you can accept, the invoice is sent to a user who will handle it. Who manages deviations is entirely up to you. It can be to the buyer for this particular order or based on the supplier or a value on the invoice. It is also possible to have different rules for different order types.

Which business system is required to use Conrab Opto?

Conrab Opto has ready-made integrations to the most commonly used business systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO), Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC), Infor M3 and Infor M3 Cloud Suite, SAP and SAP Cloud, Jeeves, Pyramid, Visma, Agresso, IFS, Trygg, Garp, and more.

Does your company use another system? Then we can build an integration optimized for your system. Our employees are very knowledgeable and have extensive experience in building new integrations.

What is the cost of automating the supplier invoice management flow?

It depends on the number of invoices and the number of users in the system. Automating supplier invoice management is an investment - a very smart one that pays off quickly, often within six months.

How do I know that the data is correctly recorded?

Our automated invoice management system is more secure than manual entry. Upon import, the invoice is registered and coded directly in the ERP system. Each deviation is referred to a designated employee and if the data is changed manually, all the figures are updated, regardless of where they are in the flow. If an invoice is charged to several cost centers, it is also possible that it can have several parallel flows.

Want to know more? We'll be happy to tell you how we can optimise your document and case management.

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Conrab Opto can be integrated with all known business systems.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV business system
Microsoft Dynamics AX can be integrated with Conrab Opto
Conrab Opto can be integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O business system.
SAP ERP system can be integrated with Conrab Opto
Conrab Opto can be integrated with Oracle NetSuite
Integrate with the Infor M3 business system
The Oracle business system
Xero can be integrated with Conrab Opto
SAP Business One ERP system
Conrab Opto can be integrated with the Intuit QuickBooks business system.
Integrate with JD Edwards Enterprise Software