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Help videos about Conrab Opto

Below you will find help videos about Conrab Opto.

Watch our 2-5 minutes long tutorial videos on how to use Conrab Opto.

Manage documents in the inbox

How to use the inbox

How the codings tab works

How to import account coding lines

The robot automatically suggests creating a favorite

Favorites, automatic coding

Favorites, suggest coding

Allocation, automatic on supplier


Show document message again

Document functions

Handle documents approve and send back

How the investigation function works

How the reminder function works

How the comment function works

How conversations work

How the absence function works

Conversation notifications settings


How to create your own dashboard

How to use the archive

Introduction of the archive

Create a chart with group and aggregate

Search on account

How to use a saved search in the archive

Share saved search

Distribute reports

Finally approve invoices in the archive

Automatically final approve invoices

Cancel documents

Add pages to a document in the archive

Send manual reminders from the archive

Search for administrator's conversations from the archive


Return invoice in the registration

Introduction translation, formatting & fixed values

Fixed values of a supplier

Formatting on a supplier

Translate interpreted values for all suppliers

Translate interpreted values for a supplier

Error codes when automatic registration fails

How to use Ocr templates

Ocr template introduction

Create identifier

Ocr template, various fields 

Ocr template, line numbers

Ocr template, line hint

How to create a template on a credit invoice

How to create template on multi-page invoice

Share a template with other companies

Update image on an existing template

How to ignore uncertain ocr

Folder settings

Introduction - Automatic registration

Temporarily disable automatic registration

Schedule automatic registration

Schedule automatic final approval

Automatic final approval

Introduction of document message

Document message in the registration

Document message in the inbox

Document message with an audit user

Document message added as comment

Document message added as conversation

Introduction coding message 

Coding message

One account assignment message should apply to several accounts

Flow escalation


System message

Supplier agreement

Register a new supplier agreement

Set up agreement types

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