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Order confirmations

Conrab Opto's order confirmation matching module facilitates production planning and finds errors early.

We know that an order placed with a supplier may differ from the order confirmation we receive and what will actually be delivered and invoiced.

It may differ in terms of items, quantities, prices and delivery dates. For most companies, it is very important to check that what you have ordered is actually what you will receive, and that it will be delivered on the date you expect.

By matching the order confirmation from your supplier with the order in your ERP system, you can immediately find discrepancies and act on them.

If an order confirmation has a discrepancy, it is sent to the person in the organisation who will handle it. Depending on the business system, the order can also be updated from the Opto interface.

An automatic matching routine saves a lot of time for checking order confirmations and once the order is updated, the degree of automation will also increase in your invoice matching.

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