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Electronic invoice management

Welcome to the next level of invoice management! With Conrab, you automate supplier invoices, providing greater control, more efficient processes and minimizing manual work. Read on to discover how an advanced electronic invoice management (EFH) solution can revolutionize your company's efficiency.

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Integration between invoicing and financial systems

Conrab is fully integrated with your current financial system, which means that every action you perform in Conrab is automatically synchronized with your financial system without the need for manual intervention. In addition, we automatically import the necessary settings from your financial system, such as the supplier register, chart of accounts and currencies, in order to smoothly post invoices. Once an invoice has been processed in Conrab, it is transferred directly to the financial system for payment.

Invoice management system with many advantages

How automatic invoice management works:


Unprecedented ease of use

Our invoice management system is designed for digital efficiency, enabling seamless management of all types of invoices. Whether they are e-invoices or paper invoices converted to digital files, the system handles them with ease. This simplifies workflows and saves time by minimizing manual efforts.


Automatic invoice management means that all invoices can be handled automatically throughout the flow. Information on the invoice is captured at header and line level regardless of whether the format is e-invoice (EDI), pdf or a scanned paper invoice The invoice is automatically matched against the purchase order in your business system provided that the quantity and price are within the tolerances you have set. Only if there are discrepancies is the invoice sent to a user for processing.

Precision in invoice matching

With a 3-way match, our electronic invoice management system ensures that each invoice is thoroughly checked against the corresponding purchase order and delivery received. This rigorous approach ensures that only those invoices that meet all criteria are paid.

Full overview and control

Electronic invoice management gives you a complete overview and control of your invoice management in real time. Dynamic reports show what needs to be prioritized right now and also what needs to be improved to avoid bottlenecks and increase the efficiency of your invoice flow.

Active deviation management

Our electronic invoice management system is attentive and responsive to anomalies. Alerts and messages are proactively sent to the right users to minimize the risk of errors or delays in the invoice flow. This keeps your payment process free of unnecessary obstacles so that you can always pay your invoices on time.

Nine benefits of the Conrab Opto module
for supplier invoices

Handles invoices in all formats

Automatic interpretation at header and line level

Automatic matching at header and row level

Automatic registration, account distribution and certification

Advanced flow control capabilities

Automatic reminders and escalations

Reports and statistics

Credit monitoring and system notifications

Supplier certificate, supplier cards

Frequently asked questions

What is electronic invoice management?

Electronic invoice management is a digital process that automates the receipt, processing and payment of supplier invoices. It reduces the need for manual work and increases accuracy and traceability in the management of invoices.

How does electronic invoice management improve efficiency?

By automating routine tasks such as data entry and invoice matching, electronic invoice management saves time and reduces the risk of errors. This leads to a faster turnaround time from invoice receipt to payment.

Can electronic invoice management be integrated with other financial systems?

Yes, most electronic invoice management systems are designed to integrate smoothly with existing financial systems, ensuring a seamless flow of information.

Is electronic invoice management secure?

Absolutely. Electronic invoice management often uses advanced security protocols and encryption to protect sensitive financial information and maintain data confidentiality.

What are the long-term benefits of switching to an electronic invoice management system?

Apart from immediate time savings and reduced administrative costs, the long-term benefits include better financial visibility, improved control over spending, increased compliance and stronger supplier relationships.

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Conrab Opto can be integrated with all known business systems.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV business system
Microsoft Dynamics AX can be integrated with Conrab Opto
Conrab Opto can be integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O business system.
SAP ERP system can be integrated with Conrab Opto
Conrab Opto can be integrated with Oracle NetSuite
Integrate with the Infor M3 business system
The Oracle business system
Xero can be integrated with Conrab Opto
SAP Business One ERP system
Conrab Opto can be integrated with the Intuit QuickBooks business system.
Integrate with JD Edwards Enterprise Software