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Expenditure approval

Faster and safer decision-making process, with follow-up.

Approval of investments or major costs may in many companies still
be a manual process consisting of email conversations, files in different locations and
printed documents passed around for endorsement.

With Conrab Opto's expenditure approval module, this process is fast,
structured and secure.

In the module, you can collect all documents related to an investment and then easily collaborate, certify and follow up. The workflows, which you can set yourself,
ensure that certification is done by authorised users with full traceability and history.

In addition, reports and dashboards provide a clear overview and full control of your
investment decisions and ongoing projects.


  • Shorter lead times for processing and approving investments
  • Structured and transparent compliance and internal control process
  • Effective collaboration using conversations, comments and reminders
  • Verification that the expenditure authorised per cost centre is not exceeded
  • Reports and statistics for overview and analysis
  • Mobile access for seamless collaboration and attestation case management
  • Our mission is to automate your processes so that you can
    to do what you do best
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