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Enhance production planning and minimize errors. Automatically compare supplier order confirmations with ERP orders, proactively address discrepancies, and increase automation in invoice matching.

The module is invaluable to those of our customers who use it and we are now upgrading it to our latest version of Conrab Opto, version 6. This means even better functionality and smoother handling.

We know that an order placed with a supplier may differ from the order confirmation we receive and what will actually be delivered and invoiced.

It may differ in terms of items, quantities, prices and delivery dates. For most companies, it is very important to check that what you have ordered is actually what you will receive, and that it will be delivered on the date you expect.

By matching the order confirmation from your supplier with the order in your ERP system, you can immediately find discrepancies and act on them.

The matching routine is automatic, it takes place at both header and row level, and of course only deviations outside the tolerances you set need to be handled manually. Then you can proactively contact the supplier, or reschedule your production and contact your customer.

If an order confirmation has a discrepancy, it is sent to the person in the organisation who will handle it. Depending on the business system, the order can also be updated from the Opto interface.

An automatic matching routine saves a lot of time checking order confirmations and once the order is updated, the level of automation will also increase in your invoice matching. What we see is that an order and an order confirmation can be different, but the order confirmation and the invoice usually always match. Any discrepancies that would otherwise only be detected when you receive the invoice can now be dealt with at an early stage.