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Conrab Opto has been used in the past to simplify the handling of both incoming and outgoing delivery notes. This module is now also available in Conrab Opto version 6.

Those of our customers who have started using Opto for their delivery notes have been able to achieve significant time and efficiency gains compared to keeping paper delivery notes in binders.

With Conrab Opto, incoming delivery notes can be scanned, interpreted and recorded automatically for digital archiving. From previously having to spend a lot of time browsing through binders to find a delivery note, it has become easy to find what you are looking for. Now, all authorised staff in the company can use different search terms to quickly find a delivery note from their own screen, and they can also get reports and statistics.

Exactly the same functions and advantages can be used for outgoing delivery notes. After a delivery note has been signed by the recipient on delivery, the delivery note is scanned into Conrab Opto via an email import. It is then easy to find if a customer contacts you with questions about a completed delivery.

Conrab Opto helps its customers achieve more efficient processes, higher profitability and happier employees. We do this with a flexible and scalable system that can be used for all types of cases.