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In larger companies, there can be a large number of documents generated by different systems from the moment a potential customer receives a quote until it is processed by the after-sales organisation.

These include quotations, purchase orders, sales orders, production orders, incoming and outgoing materials and manufacturing certificates, drawings, spare parts lists, various types of contracts, various types of quality documents, service orders, etc., etc.

Keeping track of all these documents can be very difficult. However, being able to find relevant documents for a product in the context of a field service can be very valuable.

With Conrab Opto, you can automatically save a document twin that allows you to easily find relevant documents no matter where in your hosting stream they were created and regardless of the different systems that created them. In addition, the documents are elegantly linked in Conrab Opto so that you can find everything that is relevant to the product in question.

The documents can be accessed directly in Opto or from other systems and websites via the Conrab Opto API.